Amassakoul means ‘traveller’ in Tamasheq, de language of the African Toeareg population.

Toearegs originated from the Sahara, the biggest dessert worldwide.
We are travellers in every sense of the word and do travel with heart and soul.

What you should know

We live in Morocco and therefor we are in direct contact with the  people working for Amassakoul. During the travel there will always be a certified guide to lead the way.

We practise fair trade with the local population. Food is bought of local markets (souks) and are mostly grown on local soil. Also for the support team (camel trainers, cooks) we ensure fair payment.

To live close to nature, sleep amongst the stars, cook on wood, rise at sunrise and sleep while the sun sets..

Our travels are compatible for both young and older people. If you wish to setup your personal travel we are more then ready to help you. Contact us with your specific desires and ideas.

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